Guidance to Referees on submitting Discipline Reports and Abuse of Official Reports

Please remember that all reports must be submitted through Society Discipline Officer, Jerry Herbert

Do not take any action on your own account to contact clubs or individuals in regard to specific incidents. The RFU has correct, robust and well established disciplinary procedures which must not be undermined. If you need further advice or wish to discuss specific cases, please contact Jerry via email or on 07525274685

Red Card Action

In the presence of the players captain, take down the following

  • Shirt number and position,
  • Name if possible,
  • The time of the dismissal,

Make it clear to the player why they are being sent off. Confirm both the player and the Captain understand the sending off, then show the red card to the player, so that all present understand that the player is being sent off.

When dismissing a player also note the following

  • The score at the time,
  • The nature and location of the offence
  • The exact words used by the player(s) to you if this is a reason for the sending off.

Immediately after leaving the pitch confirm the name of the player and make detailed notes of the incident.

Within 48 hours, complete a Discipline Report, email the report to the Society Discipline Officer, who will forward it to the relevant Constituent Body, after discussing it with you if necessary.

An example of a sending off report is at the following Link

Below is an example of an completed Red card form


  • If you are the subjected to abuse, do not react abusively or take any threatening action yourself. Act in a way to defuse the situation. Try to identify the individual(s) concerned and note their names. If possible warn the individual(s) that your will be reporting their behaviour (this would not be appropriate if it were crowd abuse being reported where is would be better to inform the club of the action you will be taking)
  • Make detailed notes immediately after the game. Record the exact words used to you.
  • Consult the Society Discipline Officer if you need advice
  • Within 48 hours complete an Abuse Incident Report and send it to the Society Discipline Officer.

Link to Abuse form


  • There may be occasions when action may be taken to cite a player. This will be rare and can only happened where the referee has, for a number of reasons (unsighted, yellow card, or penalty), not dismissed a player for an act of foul play.
  • As soon as you become aware of any citing action being considered, make your own detailed notes about the game, as you will probably be called as witness at the subsequent disciplinary hearing.

Abandoning a Match

  • If you have to abandon a match on disciplinary grounds, you have in fact dismissed both sides and will need to submit a Discipline Report.
  • Discuss the situation with the Society Discipline Officer.

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