Welcome to Dorset and Wiltshire Society of RFU Referees

We hope that you will find much enjoyment in refereeing around Dorset and Wiltshire.

Whether you are a completely new referee recently joined from an ELRA course, an active referee moving to the counties or a returning member, we wish you a very warm welcome to the society and hope you enjoy your refereeing with us.

This Induction pack is designed to:

  • provide new Society referee members with a ‘survival’ kit with basic guidance on refereeing matches, the support the Society offers, how
  • procedures work and what is expected of you;
  • help you avoid the obvious pitfalls;
  • add to the enjoyment of your refereeing.

The pack is designed to give straight forward, basic advice, providing checklists where appropriate (which you could photocopy and use on match days). There are many references to the Society website in this document, so you need to cross-refer as appropriate. All policies etc. are published on the Society’s website www.Dorsetandwiltsrefs. All Society appointments are to be found on ‘Who’s the Ref?’ (WTR) (whostheref.com).

If you have any comments on, or suggestions about, this pack, please use the Evaluation form at the end of the pack or contact the Committee

Enjoy your refereeing!

If you want to find out more…
Contact us!

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